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About Fit Business

Fit Business focuses on optimizing your operations through consulting and training, worldwide. A business organization functions like a human body; it performs only as well as its processes, we therefore focus on the business operations in order to improve the business’ performance.

How we work

Our approach is participative, closely collaborating with your people in order for them to take ownership, facilitate the implementation of the improvements and acquire the capabilities to maintain them. In our work we use a systematic methodology, customized to your needs and results-oriented.  

Our origin

Maria Achilleoudes is the founder of Fit Business. Originally, her practice was named “Opti-Link Management Consultancy”, formed in 2000. In 2019, it changed its brand name to “Fit Business Consulting and Training” thus reflecting its focus during the years of its operation. Additionally, the new brand name expresses the objective of the work we carry out, which coincides with the one you have for your organization, to maintain it fit in the business world.

Examples of Recent Work 

Recent Work

About Maria Achilleoudes

Maria Achilleoudes CV

Management Consultant of the Year – Global Awards 2019

Corporate LiveWire Award